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Amrita Project Help Wanted

Amrita Project wanted collaborator. We expect below things:

Post Questions

From the first, Amrita is simply feature implement library therefore You are not need to post question. But good question is thankful for Amrita users. Please post a question messages.

We don't know your questions but now We receive any questions. If you have question of how to use Amrita, post mail to Ruby Mailing Lists. and If you have question of Amrita development and project management policy, post message to Amrita Forum of

Report Bugs

Needless to say, bug reports are precious feedback which raises the quality of software. If you found a bug, please report with a reproducible code.

You make a patch more kinder. It will be most certain to make a patch if you thinks that you want to fix a bug truly.

And more

We want to take creative feedbacks in agility. For example, I improve Amrita Homepage, I write new article for how to use, etc. Please notify if you have new idea Amrita will be more better.